Ashley Greene Fights For Her Life In The Horror Film, The Apparition

Ashley Greene Fights For Her Life In The Horror Film, The Apparition

Every one of us has our own fears that we are afraid of. This might come from things that we see, feel, or even experience. However, these are all just part of our lives that we must deal with and live with as best as we can. Ashley Greene or most popularly known as “Alice Cullen” in the Twilight series  now stars in her new horror film, The Apparition.  After not having the chance to become a model based on her height, she settled for an acting career which has certainly blossomed and changed her life for the better.  With her success in the Twilight series, she will surely rise on to fame with the supernatural in mind.

The Apparition talks about the life of a couple who have thrilling events happen in the comfort of their own homes. After accidentally raising up a haunted presence during a parapsychology research in their university, their lives have been changed not for the better but rather for the worst with a horrifying apparition on the chase. With nowhere left to run and hide, they acquire the help of a paranormal expert that points them in the right direction of saving their lives as well as getting rid of the spirit that casts a chilling force upon them.

Two thumbs up for the cast of this film as this will certainly be an interesting thriller movie to watch out for. Brought to us by Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution and directed by Todd Lincoln, The Apparition will be a huge success bringing a new meaning to the world of frights. The cast of this new thriller film includes the beautiful Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, as well as Tom Felton. Moviegoers and fright fans everywhere can be rest assured to have a delightful time watching The Apparition as it becomes available in theaters near us.

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