Ben Stiller Combats Aliens In The Neighborhood, The Watch

Ben Stiller Combats Aliens In The Neighborhood, The Watch

Forget all your problems and watch out for Ben Stiller’s upcoming movie. Ben Stiller is one very funny guy and is well known for his films like “Little Fockers”, “Meet The Parents”, “Along Came Polly”, and many more. Almost all of his movies are full of humor and fun filled times that fans and movie goers alike never get tired of. Who would not be excited to see movies that can bring joy and excitement? The long wait is finally over as Ben Stiller wraps up a new comedy film this July named, The Watch.

The Watch, unlike any other good stakeout movies centers on aliens, yes indeed, aliens. Ben Stiller, who is a part of their local neighborhood watch along with four others parents, stakeout a few of their neighbor who seemed odd. This might seem as a plus for these four parents to see and experience a little more adventure away from their daily jobs but who would have thought that something freaky was going to happen in their own neighborhood. After a few donuts and cappuccinos, the stakeout they planned turned into one thrilling night as they inadvertently found out their neighbor were not human at all but aliens. Afraid for their lives and all the other humans in their neighborhood, these four heroic parents battle it out trying to save their homes from an alien invasion that is certainly coming. Better yet, they have to suck it all up for their safety as well as for the whole world.

Coming to theatres this July 27, 2012, this film of Ben Stiller will be a favorite among the various groups of neighborhood watch in every part of the world. With fellow cast members Vince Vaughn, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jonah Hill, Nicholas Braun, and Richard Ayoade, this film will be surely amazing to watch. Don’t forget to watch this film when it comes out because we might just learn a little more than we bargained for about our neighbors.

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