Brittany Robertson Embraces The Spotlight Once More In His Newest Film, The First Time

Brittany Robertson Embraces The Spotlight Once More In His Newest Film, The First Time

Brittany Robertson is one of the rising American teen stars today. She is popularly known for her role as Cara Burns in the film, Dan In Real Life. She has also starred in Swingtown, The Tenth Circle, Life Unexpected, and in Scream 4. Now, she is embracing the spotlight as she suits on for another wonderful film The First Time. It might not be her first time acting on the big screen but this film might just be her ticket to greater film projects.

The first time for everyone might be the hardest. Dave, a senior infatuated with the girl he can’t have spends most of his time chasing after her. Aubrey, a junior has a boyfriend who does not seem to care or know she is there. As both Dave and Aubrey meet at a school party, both of them see each other for the first time and immediately see a connection building up. Things turn up for the better as their magical encounter evolves into an instant romance. Aubrey and Dave begin to fall in love with each other for the first time experiencing a funny yet complicated relationship together.

The First Time is scheduled for release this coming October 19, 2012. It is a three way movie that contains drama, romance and comedy. This film is brought to us by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sony Pictures Classics. The First Time is directed by Jonathan Kasdan and stars Brittany Robertson, Dylan O Brien, Joshua Malina, Adam G. Sevani, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, and Christine Taylor. This new film will be one of the best sweet flick movies of the year which can certainly gain a lot of fans and movie fanatics alike. Let us watch this film and experience falling in love again through the film The First Time.

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