Bruce Willis Uncovers The Meaning Of Fatherly Love In His Upcoming Film A Good Day to Die Hard

Bruce Willis Uncovers The Meaning Of Fatherly Love In His Upcoming Film A Good Day to Die Hard

Yippie ki-yay, Bruce Willis is back for another action packed movie this year. As we all know, he is one of the best action stars in Hollywood that has contributed a lot of box office hit movies. Not to mention that he is joined by his son in this movie played by rising star Jai Courtney by his side. The Die Hard movie and its sequels are one of the most successful movie series nowadays. With the dawn of its fifth installment, A Good Day To Die Hard, fans and movie enthusiast alike are up for another great movie to watch out for entirely. With a new cast, storyline, but the same hero, this movie will surely set out records both in the movie industry as well as to the public’s approval of it.

Freethinking and gung ho cop John McClane is traveling to Moscow to help his son Jack with a business deal that has gone bad. After the deal is finished, they plan to have a vacation and fatherly bonding together. However, with him being unaware of his sons real occupation as a CIA operative, John McClane gears up to save his son as the Russian underworld is crashing down on them. But much to his surprise, his son Jack certainly has hidden talents he has never seen before and might just be the one to save him rather than the other way around.  The two McClanes team up to battle the opposing forces against them and emerge victorious as heroes together.

A Good Day to Die Hard is an action and adventure film that composes the fifth installment to the Die Hard movie series. It will be released this coming February 14, 2013 just in time for Valentine’s Day. This wonderful movie is brought to us by 20th Century Fox Distribution under the direction of John Moore. The cast of this film includes award winning actor Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, and the beautiful Yuliya Snigir as the Russian villain. This movie surely is an anticipated movie to watch out for but it is surely going to be worth it indeed.

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