Captain Jack Sparrow Is Back In The New Disney Movie, Lone Ranger

During the Comic-Con 2012 held a few days ago, a lot of incoming movies and news flashes were unveiled to the public as well as to the eager movie fans all over the world. Among the great highlights were films “Total Recall”, “Frankenweenie”, “Oz The Great and Powerful”, and “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”. However, it was not as everyone expected it to end that day. Another blockbuster was just waiting to be unveiled by Disney in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp’s) new film entitled the “Lone Ranger”. It was a huge surprise that made everyone in the audience scream out loud and begging for more. 

Johnny Depp who has starred in a lot of hit movies from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, Rango, and Dark Shadows returns with another new film. Cunning and sexy in every which way, Johnny Depp surely is a big hit in the eyes of the public nowadays. With the success and box office hits that many of his films achieve, it will certainly be rewarding to see his latest movie as well. With the revelation of Lone Ranger during the Comic-Con 2012 festivities, a lot of audiences and fans alike really appreciated what Disney as well as the cast of Lone Ranger as cooking up for them. 

Directed by Gore Verbinski and Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Lone Ranger is certainly a very worth it film to watch. Not to mention the star studded cast led by Johnny Depp with fellow cast members Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Ruth Wilson,  James Badge Dale, Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham Carter, Mason Cook, and James Frain. The release date of the film still appears to be sketchy but sources say it will be likely to come out on July 3, 2013. What is a little wait for a very wonderful film? Heigh Ho, Silver and let us have a blast with Johnny Depp mates. Let’s get ready for a new adventure to begin.

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