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Jack The Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult Becomes The Legend He Is In Jack The Giant Slayer

This is the start of a great year for Nicholas Hoult without a doubt. The year 2013 has brought a lot of blessings for him including 3 new movies that he himself will star in. Releasing on February 1 is his movie entitled Warm Bodies. On March 1, another great movie entitledJack The Giant Slayer will be released and another movie entitled Mad Max: Fury Road will be produced later. With his success on his previous movies like X-Men: First Class, it is without a doubt that Nicholas Hoult has certainly evolved to being one of the upcoming stars in Hollywood. Like the legendary story of Jack and the beanstalk, this new movie will surely be a hit not only to kids but as well as to adults who loved this story years before.

Two worlds are about to come as one as Jack, a young farm boy inadvertently opens the doorway to a chaotic world or giants. As these giants are unleashed on earth, everyone and everything that Jack holds dear becomes in constant danger. Trying to reclaim the land he loves, Jack undergoes an adventure he has doubts of winning against this fearsome creatures. All he needs is the courage and the will to fight for everything he holds dear and eventually he will succeed. Not once did Jack think that he is going to come face to face with giants in combat but not he is certainly on the ropes as he battles these legendary creatures and he himself might become a legend to his people as well.

JackThe Giant Slayer is an adaptation, adventure, and action film that is set to be released this coming March 1, 2013. It is directed by Bryan Singer in cooperation with Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution. JackThe Giant Slayer stars Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane, and Bill Nighy. For those moviegoers and fans alike of this wonderful story, it will certainly be a big celebration in seeing this epic film come to life once again. Let us not miss this chance and watch this movie like the way we eagerly read this story page after page as children long before.

Rooney Mara In Side Effects

Rooney Mara Crumbles Down With Unforeseen Consequences In Her Newest Film Side Effects

After her colossal success in her film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara is set for another huge hit in the upcoming film Side Effects. This time she plays the role of a troubled wife who gets under the influence of a new drug that turn her life down to a spiral. Rooney Mara is the younger sister of actress Kate Mara who has also been a big hit actress. Apart from acting, Rooney Mara is also entwined with charity work as well as love for football that makes her family tight as glue. Among Rooney Mara’s films include A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Social Network, and Friends (With Benefits).

After her husband is released from prison, a young wife finds it hard with coping up with her husband. She decides to see a doctor wherein she is given a new prescription drugs which can alleviate all her problems. However, there is a downside to this new medication which she has no power over. Her life eventually turns south as she experiences her problems worsening rather than improving. It is just a matter of time when she will realize her mistake and change her life for the better.

Side Effects is a thriller film which is directed by Steven Soderbergh. It is brought to us by Open Road Films and scheduled for release this coming February 8, 2013. Side Effects stars Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Channing Tatum, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Vinessa Shaw. Certain film critics of this movie might think that this film is just one ordinary movie but it is surely showcases some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood nowadays which really deserves to be watched out for.  Moviegoers and fans alike will undeniably be pleased for another exciting movie to come out this year.

James Franco Journeys To A Whole New World In Oz

James Franco Journeys To A Whole New World In Film Oz The Great And Powerful

James Franco who has starred in a lot of movies like James Dean, City by the Sea, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, Your Highness, as well as the Spiderman series is one of the very good actors in his time. With the success of the Spiderman series, James Franco also gained a lot of attention locally as well as internationally.  He has devoted himself in his acting career as well as helping others with his charity work. With his fame, James Franco now is on the spotlight again as he showcases his acting skills in his newest movie entitled Oz The Great And Powerful.

In a small time circus, magician Oscar Diggs is a famous attraction bringing a lot of revenue to this small operation. Unexpectedly, with his tricks and craft in magic, he is pitched away to the sparkling Land of Oz as if he has won the jackpot. But to his dismay, it is just another step to him reaching his goals of fame and fortune. Arriving at the land he was pitched to, he meets three evil witches who are unsatisfied of him being the great magician. Swiftly, he is tossed into the lands problems unaware that it has affected the inhabitants of this world as well. Oscar must put an end to this misery before evil gorges the land whole. He must use everything he knows in his bags of tricks and add a little more over the edge to transform the land and eventually himself into something better.

The new film Oz The Great And Powerful is set to be released this coming March 8, 2013. It is a fantasy and adventure film that is directed by Sam Raimi. Oz The Great And Powerful is brought to us by Walt Disney Pictures which will certainly make it a very must watch fantasy adventure movie indeed. This new film stars James Franco, Joey King, Zach Braff, as well as the three exquisite ladies namely Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz. Oz The Great And Powerful is certainly a very much awaited movie that movie fans and the public alike will definitely enjoy.

Rob Corddry Undertakes An Adventurous And Deadly Rescue In Escape From Planet Earth

Rob Corddry Undertakes An Adventurous And Deadly Rescue In Escape From Planet Earth

Ever find yourself looking for animated movies with a good story? Then this new film will definitely be a top choice in your books. The fascinating thing about this new film is that it stars Rob Corddry, a renowned actor and comedian. Rob Corddry has gained fame in a lot of films as well as television appearances respectively over the past decade. Now, he is one of the most highly respected actors in his time being proud of everything he has accomplished and shared.

Baab is a peaceful planet inhabited by the blue aliens. Their hero is an astronaut named Scorch Supernova who has mastered the art of daring rescues and adventures. One day, after hearing a distress call from planet earth, Scorch Supernova heads out to investigate and do what he does best. Arriving on earth, Scorch finds himself face to face with mysterious creatures he has never encountered before. But with his good intentions in mind, he is overwhelmed by secret agents that were waiting for him in their cruel trap. As time passes by, Scorch’s brother Gary becomes uneasy after not being able to hear from his brother. Gary undertakes his new wild adventure risking his life to save his brother, their planet, and stop an impending war between both worlds.

Escape From Planet Earth is an animation film filled with comedy and action. It will be available for release this coming February 14, 2013 in association with The Weinstein Company. Escape From Planet Earth is directed by Cal Brunker and will surely be a hit movie this coming Valentine’s day. This new film stars Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Craig Robinson, Chris Parnell, George Lopez, Jonathan Morgan Heit,  Jane Lynch, William Shatner, James Corden, Steve Zahn, with the divine ladies Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara. So let us watch out for this movie when it comes out and join Gary in his adventure to save his brother and his own planet from adversity.

Nicholas Hoult Sets Off A Change To Humanity In His New Movie Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult Sets Off A Change To Humanity In His New Movie Warm Bodies

If you are a fan of zombie movies then this movie is surely a must watch. Like the movie Zombieland and television series Walking Dead, this new movie really has a lot of interesting things to offer. The undead on the move and a scary experience is just too much to miss out on.

Nicholas Hoult is one of the newest names in Hollywood. He starred alongside Hugh grant in the movie About A Boy and made quite an impact playing Hank McCoy also known as Beast in the movie X-Men First Class. Best of all, he has been seen dating the gorgeous actress Jennifer Lawrence since 2011. As talented an actor as he is, Nicholas Hoult now is set to work on another movie entitled Warm Bodies that will surely be as entertaining as other new hit movies nowadays.

With the widespread threat of undead zombies ruling the lands, people seek for shelter and safety anywhere they can. One day, a human survivor is unexpectedly saved by a zombie from other zombies wanting to kill her.  This makes the human survivor wonder why she was saves until she noticed that hey savior is entirely a different from other zombies. From two entirely different strangers, they form a special relationship that has never happened before. This might be a start for other zombies to follow that might make the world a safer place to live once again.

Warm Bodies is a horror and romance film that is scheduled for release this coming February 1, 2013. It is directed by Jonathan Levine is association with Summit Entertainment, LLC.  This film entitled Warm Bodies stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, and Cory C. Hardrict. As the New Year starts, movies like this upcoming film will certainly start a brand new year full of fun and excitement for a lot of moviegoers and fans alike all over the world.