Channing Tatum Swivels It Out In Magic Mike

Channing Tatum has played the lead in a lot of entertaining movies such as “Dear John”, “The Vow”, and most recently this wholesome film “Magic Mike”. As he swivels his way in various scenes of this film, Channing Tatum certainly portraits a lot of charm and charisma in every move he makes. He is an exhilarating dancer and proves to be quite a charmer indeed. Since then, he has made his way on to the spotlight making a big name for himself in Hollywood. With the huge success of Christina Aguilera’s film Burlesque, this film can surely become a great hit as well for the men’s side that is. Ladies beware as this film can get a little bit exhilarating indeed.

Magic Mike is somewhat aimed at the young male genre which will surely attract a lot of women viewers all over. Sexy men with gorgeous bodies will surely be a sight to see not to mention the dance moves that would sweep you off your feet. The film also revolves around the story of an aspiring young dancer wanting to be just like Magic Mike which he takes under his wings teaching him the tools of the trade.

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution, Magic Mike is built with an all-star cast of men including Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Riley Keough. Magic Mike will be available in theaters near you this June 29, 2012. Maybe many men would surely want to say, “I want to be like Mike”, after seeing this film. So ladies and gents, this might just be the night of all nights this year for all of us. 

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