Collin Farell Discovers His True Self In Total Recall

Collin Farell Discovers His True Self In Total Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a good role in the first Total Recall film in 1990 and now it is back again in a remake movie which is starred by actor Collin Farrell. Total Recall 1990 is a good movie but maybe Collin Farell can give us something more interesting in this new version of the film. Collin Farell is not new to Hollywood as he has starred in many wonderful films such as Alexander, SWAT, and Miami Vice. He has many other films that have hit the big screen and have been very popular to the public’s liking. Not only is this film full of action scene, it also features two of the most gorgeous women in the world, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.  Let’s see what Arnold has got to say about this and just how this new movie will become a big hit as well.

Total Recall as we have seen in the 1990 film shows a story of a man Douglas Quaid, who has the perfect life. He has a family, a job, but somehow wants more out of it. The only catch is it is not true in every single way. It is only an illusion based on memories he had that somehow he wants back. Finding his true self is not an easy task as his life as well as other is controlled by another person, the leader of the free world Chancellor Cohaagen. Haunted and on the run from the law, he forms an alliance with the rebel groups to take down the chancellor and bring balance to his world  This is the only way that he and others like him could truly see the reality in the fantasy world that they live in now. All is at stake and their lives hang in the balance as they try to discover their true selves together.

The remake film Total Recall is scheduled to be released this coming August 3, 2012. The film is directed by Len Wiseman and stars Collin Farell with fellow stars Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, and John Cho. Total Recall is definitely one great film to watch as it has all the things we look for in a movie, a nice story with entertaining scenes and sizzling women in front of the camera. Only days are left and then we can enjoy the new remake of Total Recall indeed.

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