Helen Hunt Makes One Man’s Dream A Reality In The Sessions

Helen Hunt Makes One Man’s Dream A Reality In The Sessions

Helen Hunt is an award winning actress that has awed the Hollywood scene for many years now. Since her first start in Hollywood, she has made quite an impression making a lot of fans and friends both inside and outside the industry. Among her greatest film achievements are Twister, Cast Away, What Women Want, Pay It Forward, and Soul Surfer. She then moved on to greater thing like being a director wherein she made her first directorial debut in 2007. In her new film the Session, Helen Hunt will showcase her award winning talent which made this film a festival hit of the year respectively.

The Sessions is about the life of disable man who is reaching his 40’s in less than two years. This makes him eager to try out all the best things he is yet to discover in life including sex. Since he has been bed ridden all his life, with a little help from his own therapist and with the guidance of a priest, then he can certainly achieve his goal of experiencing the first sex escapade undeniably. It might be a little intimidating but it is certainly worth the try for this determined virgin.

With a little more wait, this movie will surely be fun to watch this coming October 26, 2012. This movie is directed by Ben Lewin and is brought to us by Fox Searchlight Pictures. With a spectacular cast comprising of Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, and John Hawkes, this movie will certainly make each viewer tingle in tears and excitement. Most of all, watching The Sessions will surely be a rewarding moment we must not miss ever.

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