Hugh Jackman Reincarnates The Role Of Famous Jean Valjean In The Remake Of Les Miserables

Hugh Jackman Reincarnates The Role Of Famous Jean Valjean In The Remake Of Les Miserables

From Wolverine to Jean Valjean, Hugh Jackman can really shine out. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood today that has made a big impact not only in his films but also in his charity work. Among his top hit movies include Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, The Prestige, Australia, Real Steel, Rise of the Guardians, and the X-Men series. Like other actors in Hollywood, Hugh Jackman continues to bring exciting and astounding movies and now is on the verge of reincarnating the famous movie Les Miserables back again. Once this movie hits cinemas worldwide, it will make for a very worthwhile movie to watch out for indeed.

After being released from prison, Jean Valjean is back into his old habits catching the eye of policeman Javert. Javert, who dedicated his career to catching Valjean, is once again called to service to hunt down this lowlife. But Valjean, who is cunning and swift, manages to elude the policeman for a short period of time. This gives Valjean a chance to find a love life in Fantine along with her daughter Cosette. With their lives intertwined together, happiness and sadness fill their life bringing a lot of changes they have to live with forever.

Les Miserables is an adaptation and drama film which is directed by Tom Hooper and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is scheduled for release this coming December 25, 2012 in cinemas all over the world. The star studded cast of this film includes Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter, and the two lovely ladies Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway. With a lot of new things to look up for in this movie, it would surely be a good thing to watch out for this film when it comes out.

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