James Purefoy Becomes The Hero He Was Born To Be, Solomon Kane

James Purefoy Becomes The Hero He Was Born To Be, Solomon Kane

The movie Solomon Kane has been one of the widely awaited movies of the year. Now, it is finally awaiting release thanks to the wonderful cast and directors behind this extravagant movie. James Purefoy has starred in many movies like Rome, Ironclad, John Carter, A Knight’s Tale, and many more. He has made quite a name for him since then garnering much needed recognition and respect to be a world class actor. Now, James Purefoy is back reliving the life of Solomon Kane and wonderful his adventures.

Solomon Kane is a ruthless killing machine of the 16th Century wherein he and his men plundered their ways to riches pillaging every city they come upon after the war. Armed with his pistols and rapiers, he leads his men to glory declaring war on everything they come against. After his lust for gold and glory reaches its peak, they come along a mysterious castle which is believed to have unimaginable riches no man has ever seen. As they enter the confines of the castle, one by one his men are picked off by demonic creatures that inhabit the land. Suddenly he finds himself all alone facing the Devil Lord who shows him the meaning of true evil. Managing to escape this ordeal, he set upon himself to change his ways once and for good. He manages to find a new life drawing himself closer to God. Even so, he comes along evil again as he meets a family whose daughter was kidnapped by another madman ruling the land. He offers his services to free the kidnapped daughter and at the same time free England from the forces of evil. Even if he saves the girl and England, he still has to face death and conquer his fears before they consume him eventually.

Brought to us by Radius-TWC, Solomon Kane is scheduled for release this coming September 28, 2012. It is directed by Michael J. Bassett alongside stars like James Purefoy, Max von Sydow, Pete Postlethwaite, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Geoff Bell, and Ben Steel. Solomon Kane is one film moviegoers must not fail to watch as it is one great adventure overall. Best of all, viewers can have a wonderful time as they enjoy the adventures of Solomon Kane once again after a long time.

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