Joaquin Phoenix Returns To The Limelight In The Master

Joaquin Phoenix Returns To The Limelight In The Master

It has been a while since Joaquin Phoenix has been seen casted in a movie, two years to be exact. Now that he has returned to the spotlight with his new film, The Master, questions arise if he is still the star and actor we once knew or is has he changed since then.  Joaquin Phoenix’s personal life as well as his acting career might have their own twists and turns at times but he has always been regarded as a top notch actor worthy of recognition. With this new opportunity for Joaquin Phoenix to be on the stage again, it might be the best time for him to show the people what he really can do in front of the camera.

The Master as projected in its trailers talks of a man who occasionally might seem a bit under the weather. Compared to a normal person, he oftentimes gets into fights as well as gets drunks. This might be due to his transition from being in the Navy into living a life as a civilian. Not finding a way to overcome these ordeals, Freddie Sutton who is played by Joaquin Phoenix drifts into circulation until he finds a group he organizes himself with. Eventually he comes back to his old habits and endures more pain than before losing his sight on important things.

The Master will be unveiled this coming October 12, 2012 with the association of The Weinstein Company. Joaquin Phoenix with fellow celebrities Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams star in this movie that would take us on a journey.

Undeniably, The Master is one of the very sought after films this coming fall. As the story can be very intimidating with some twists and turns all throughout, it is still very worth it in the end. many people might even see the resemblance in the lives they live in and can easily adapt to the story that is being told. As a whole, movie connoisseurs everywhere will surely love this film when it comes out.

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