Josh Duhamel Rediscovers The Meaning Of True Love In His New Film Entitled Safe Haven

Josh Duhamel Rediscovers The Meaning Of True Love In His New Film Entitled Safe Haven

Josh Duhamel is one of the hottest hunks and leading actors in Hollywood nowadays. He is a former fashion model turned actor which has certainly benefited him in his profession as a film star. Among his notable films include Life As We Know It, When in Rome, Ramona and Beezus, as well as the box office hit Transformers and its sequels. Aside from being a renowned actor, Josh Duhamel also won the title of Male Model of the Year in an IMTA competition in 1997 which also included Ashton Kutcher as second runner up. This is just a testament of how good looking he is and talented as an actor respectively.

Alex starts his new life without his wife who recently died and left him with their two young children. One day, an enigmatic young woman moves into their town wanting to find a new beginning. This catches the attention of Alex as they both become close and open up to each other which no one expected to happen. Slowly they build a strong relationship but it is immediately tested as mysteries from the young woman’s past haunt her and intrude into their relationship. This brings a lot of complications into both of their lives as they fight through it depending only on their love for each other.

Safe Haven is a romantic thriller which will be available on February 8, 2013. It stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough making it a very moving love story indeed. Safe Haven is directed by Lasse Hallström and is distributed by Relativity Media. This movie will certainly bring back wonderful memories of love found and love lost that many people can surely reflect on. So let us not miss this wonderful movie at it becomes available in cinemas near us next year. It will surely be worth the wait as we can gain a brilliant movie in return.

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