Karl Urban Hacks It Out Like Sylvester In The New Judge Dredd Film

Karl Urban Hacks It Out Like Sylvester In The New Judge Dredd Film

Nothing beats a wonderful movie like the new Judge Dredd indeed. Compared to the past Judge Dredd movie in 1995, the upcoming Judge Dredd film is more spectacular and engaging when it comes to action and violence. Most of all, it is done in a 3D version which will captivate viewers more making them feel every twist and turn of the film. However, some people might still like the way Sylvester Stallone played the famous Judge Dredd but maybe Karl Urban can bring something more to this film. The legendary lawgiver is back in action in the new film Judge Dredd.

Mega City One, a fading metropolis faces the brink of extinction with lawless criminals filling up the streets. The society’s innocent inhabitants only hope lies with the elite lawgivers and especially the man they call Judge Dredd. With the future of Mega City One at stake, it is up to Judge Dredd and the lawgivers to clean out the streets of bad influences or face the extinction of freedom and the human race all together. Judge, jury, and executioners must face the challenges they are tasked with and uphold justice once and for all.

Judge Dredd is a fantasy and action film all together. It is directed by Pete Travis and is expected to be in cinemas on September 21, 2012. This film is filled with action scenes that will surely make it a must see film this September. Judge Dredd is brought to us by Lionsgate and includes as wonderful cast comprising of Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey. The new Judge Dredd film might just be a remake of the past Judge Dredd film but it is certainly worth the time. all movie fanatics and enthusiast must watch out for this film as they might see another side of Mega City One and the legendary Judge Dredd back in action again.

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