Kevin Durant Stars In His First Film Debut, Thunderstruck

Kevin Durant Stars In His First Film Debut, Thunderstruck


Kevin Durant, one of the NBA’s most prolific players might have his eyes set for a new career other than basketball, acting. While being one of the most popular basketball players other than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant has made it big this time with a momentous role in his upcoming film Thunderstruck. There are several NBA players like Michael Jordan who has made an impact in Hollywood with his film “Space Jam” and Shaquille O’Neal’s film “Steel” certainly has paved the way for other basketball greats to make a living in the industry as well. Now, it is Kevin Durant’s turn to show off his acting skill aside from his marvelous talents on the hard court.

Thunderstruck, summing it up talks about the life of a hopeless young man who wishes he is as good as his idol Kevin Durant. After they meet face to face, both fan and idol switch in both physical and mental abilities which science cannot explain. As they live each day in their new found selves, each one of them realizes that things are very different indeed. This would be a good thing for one of them while it would be a disaster for the other one.  This only means that they both have to get their lives back from each other before it destroys them both forever with catastrophic consequences.

This comedy and family film is directed by John P. Whitesell and will be released this coming August 24, 2012. Featuring Kevin Durant, Taylor Gray, Brandon T. Jackson,  and James Belushi, this upcoming film will certainly be the best family movie of the year. So what are we waiting for, let’s shoot some hoops with Kevin Durant in his first ever film Thunderstruck.

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