Kirsten Dunst Charms Us Once Again In The New Film, Bachelorette

Kirsten Dunst Charms Us Once Again In The New Film, Bachelorette

Being married and having children is one of the best feelings in the world. For those who have experienced this, this would be the greatest feelings they have shared with their loved ones and most of all their children. However, not all of us are meant to have a family especially getting married. We just need to live our life the best way we can and live our own destiny.

In this new movie Bachelorette, we will once again see the beautiful Kristen Dunst along with other Hollywood superstars like Isla Fisher. Kirsten Dunst is an amazing actress who first starred in Interview with the Vampire and made quite an impact in the limelight in film Spiderman. Now, she returns in another movie which will certainly make men falls head over heels for her back again.

Three lovely ladies reunite once again in a bachelorette party for their friend. This celebration brings back old memories they have and might just be the time they need to spend with each other again. However, this time also becomes an eye opener for the three lovely ladies who are supposed to be the next in line. With their different personalities and likes, it will certainly be a long way before they all end up in front of the isle. With one night left before the big day, the girls decide to party hard and relive the life they had once before which is surely a night they never expected to happen.

The new film Bachelorette will be released this coming September 7, 2012 and will be distributed by Radius-TWC. This comedy film is directed by Leslye Headland with a star cast that included Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, James Marsden, Adam Scott, and Kyle Bornheimer. After a long period of time, we can certainly see not only a glimpse of Kirsten Dunst again but a new movie indeed. Let us not fail to watch Bachelorette that stars some of the beautiful women in Hollywood. This might just be the movie of the century for many people indeed.

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