Marion Cotillard Takes Us To A Journey Of Love, Hurt, And Intimate Passion In Film Rust And Bone

Marion Cotillard Takes Us To A Journey Of Love, Hurt, And Intimate Passion In Film Rust And Bone

As a child, Marion Cotillard had the talent and class to become a wonderful actress as she followed in the footsteps of both her parents. She has also appeared in several plays that her father did making it a very good avenue for her to learn from. Marion Cotillard’s career in the film industry made its breakthrough in the films Love Me If You Dare, Big Fish, and A Very Long Engagement. Then in 2009 up to the present, Marion Cotillard gained widespread recognition for her films like Public Enemies, Nine, Inception, Midnight in Paris, and The Dark Knight Rises. She has also other several movies lined up which includes this upcoming movie entitled Rust and Bone with actor Matthias Schoenaerts.

Two very different people meet up one night in a nightclub which changes both of their lives. Stephanie is a killer whale trainer while Alain is a single dad living with his sister’s family. As both of them try to build a bond of friendship, they unintentionally fall for each other which make their relationship more interesting. However, one day Stephanie becomes entangled in a horrible accident that tests their love story into unimaginable heights. This is where their journey begins as they both try to make it through all the love, hurt, and passion their love story brings.

Rust And Bone is a drama romance film which is scheduled for release this coming November 23, 2012. It is directed by Jacques Audiard in association with Sony Pictures Classics. The cast of this astounding film includes Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts which certainly attained much recognition in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last 2012. Rust And Bone is surely a must see film as this will take every movie maven into a wonderful journey of love, hurt, and passion. Not to mention this film can be a very good movie to learn something about love and life all together.

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