Mark Wahlberg Becomes One Man’s Worst Nightmare In The Upcoming Film Broken City

Mark Wahlberg Becomes One Man’s Worst Nightmare In The Upcoming Film Broken City

Mark Wahlberg is one of the best leading men in Hollywood. he has starred in a lot of films including Fear, Boogie Nights, The Departed, The Italian Job, The Perfect Storm, Invincible, Shooter, Max Payne, The Fighter, and The Other Guys. Mark Wahlberg now sets his eyes into another great film alongside veteran actor Russell Crowe entitled Broken City. While he has not always gained success by being in trouble with the law a couple of times, Mark Wahlberg has certainly changed a lot having a wonderful family and some fruitful years in cinemas this past couple of years.

In a city filled with terror and prejudice, it is up to former cop Billy Taggart to right what is wrong and protect those who are overrun by abuse as well as injustice. He himself has been a victim of these so called acts as he was betrayed by the highest official in the city, the mayor. After this terrible incident, Billy has sworn an oath that he will seek revenge and reclaim what is his by right. With his wits and toughness, he becomes a thorn to the mayor and haunts him matching everything that is thrown in his quest for redemption. This will test his skills and uncover the truth about the corrupt officials in the city eventually.

Broken City is a crime and drama film that stars Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe. It will be available in cinemas all over the world on January 18, 2013 in association with 20th Century Fox Distribution. A lot of amazing movies is installed for the coming year and Broken City is certainly one of the must see movies without a doubt. Best of all, it stars two world class actors bringing a battle royal for the movie fans and enthusiasts to enjoy.

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