Mary Elizabeth Winstead Wins Our Hearts Again As She Stars In Her Newest Movie Entitled Smashed

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Wins Our Hearts Again As She Stars In Her Newest Movie Entitled Smashed

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is certainly a bombshell. She is best known for her movies like Final Destination 3, Death Proof, The Thing as well as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was named as the scream queen based on her blockbuster hit movies. However, she is also known for her role as the fierce yet gorgeous daughter of Die Hard her John McClane. Since then, she has been on the rise following in the footsteps of her idol Jamie Lee Curtis and becoming a star in Hollywood without a doubt.

Two couples, Kate and Charlie, share a love for music, fun, and most of all drinking. This might just be the three things they have in common with each other that eventually brought them together in the first place. But when Kate’s excessive drinking brings problems to her life that she cannot imagine, her job as well as her physical well-being is put to the test. She tries to get sober and attends an AA group just to get the drinking problem solved and stopped. Her new life in sobriety catches her off guard as certain truths in her life are being questioned. Kate’s relationship with Charlie, her job, her conflicts with her mother surface as she tries to find her true self as she goes on the process of being sober.

Smashed is a drama romance movie that tends to bring out the truth behind every relationship. it is directed by James Ponsoldt and will be available in cinemas on October 12, 2012. This film is brought to us by Sony Pictures Classics and might just be the best sweet flick movie that came out this October. Smashed stars the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead as well as Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, and Mary Kay Place. If you are a fan of love movies or simply a movie maven, then this film will certainly be a must see for you indeed. Not to mention seeing the gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead again not in a horror or action film but in a drama romance film respectively.

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