Nicolas Cage Steals The Crowd In His New Movie, Stolen

Nicolas Cage Steals The Crowd In His New Movie, Stolen

One of the best award winning actors in Hollywood history certainly is Nicolas Cage. He has a long list of movies reaching 60 and still counting that have garnered recognition and praise from fans and from the people he has worked with ever since. Starting his acting career in the 1980’s, he has since then made a big impact making action and adventure films that are really very exciting to watch. Among his greatest achievements in terms of films are Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock, Con Air, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Adaptation, as well as the Ghost Rider and National Treasure series. As the season brings new opportunities for Nicolas Cage, he has brought his fans from all over the world a lot of wonderful films they can enjoy exquisitely.

Nicolas Cage’s new film Stolen lets him play the role of Will Montgomery, a master thief who has been imprisoned for 8 years after being double crossed on a recent heist they made which totaled $10 million in bonds. As the day of his release comes near, he has only one thing set on his mind and that is to rebuild his lost life with his daughter whom he has been separated from for a long time. However, as news of his release reaches his old partners in crime, the heist money was still in the process of discovery. This makes it very hard for Will Montgomery as his daughter is held for ransom in exchange for the $10 million in bond that has yet to be seen. With no time to waste, he sets of a mission to get his daughter back but not without the help of his sexy partner in crime.

The film Stolen stars Nicolas Cage, Danny Huston, Josh Lucas, and the girl-next-door charm Malin Akerman. Scheduled for its release this coming September 14, 2012, it would really be a good film to watch that can steal our hearts and minds over our problems. Brought to us by Nu Image/Millennium Films and directed by Simon West, we can all be assured of a superb film that we can be proud of. It’s still not too late for us to make plans and give time for Nicolas Cage as we can certainly steal time for him and watch his upcoming film Stolen in turn.

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