Rob Corddry Undertakes An Adventurous And Deadly Rescue In Escape From Planet Earth

Rob Corddry Undertakes An Adventurous And Deadly Rescue In Escape From Planet Earth

Ever find yourself looking for animated movies with a good story? Then this new film will definitely be a top choice in your books. The fascinating thing about this new film is that it stars Rob Corddry, a renowned actor and comedian. Rob Corddry has gained fame in a lot of films as well as television appearances respectively over the past decade. Now, he is one of the most highly respected actors in his time being proud of everything he has accomplished and shared.

Baab is a peaceful planet inhabited by the blue aliens. Their hero is an astronaut named Scorch Supernova who has mastered the art of daring rescues and adventures. One day, after hearing a distress call from planet earth, Scorch Supernova heads out to investigate and do what he does best. Arriving on earth, Scorch finds himself face to face with mysterious creatures he has never encountered before. But with his good intentions in mind, he is overwhelmed by secret agents that were waiting for him in their cruel trap. As time passes by, Scorch’s brother Gary becomes uneasy after not being able to hear from his brother. Gary undertakes his new wild adventure risking his life to save his brother, their planet, and stop an impending war between both worlds.

Escape From Planet Earth is an animation film filled with comedy and action. It will be available for release this coming February 14, 2013 in association with The Weinstein Company. Escape From Planet Earth is directed by Cal Brunker and will surely be a hit movie this coming Valentine’s day. This new film stars Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Craig Robinson, Chris Parnell, George Lopez, Jonathan Morgan Heit,  Jane Lynch, William Shatner, James Corden, Steve Zahn, with the divine ladies Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara. So let us watch out for this movie when it comes out and join Gary in his adventure to save his brother and his own planet from adversity.

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