Robert Carlyle Battles Deportation And Past Demons In His Newest Film California Solo

Robert Carlyle Battles Deportation And Past Demons In His Newest Film California Solo

Robert Carlyle is a Scottish actor best known for his authenticity while playing his roles. Among his greatest films include Trainspotting, Go Now, Carla’s Song, The Full Monty, Face, Angela’s Ashes, Eragon, and 28 Weeks Later. Robert Carlyle is now working on another film entitled California Solo which can certainly become another hit movie indeed. Aside from doing film work, he is also entwined with television work appearing in shows Hamish Macbeth and Once Upon a Time. With things going great for Robert Carlyle both personally and publicly, he is surely on the top of his game making him one of the great actors in Hollywood nowadays.

Lachlan MacAldonich, a former rocker, spends his life working on an organic farm by day and reports stories of dead musicians in his podcast by night. This makes his life a normal yet unhappy one which he certainly needs to evolve from. While on the way to the market, Lachlan is love stricken as he gazes on a lovely woman named Beau. She frequently goes to market to buy his produce which certainly would be a start for them to know each other a little bit more. One night while going home a little bit intoxicated, Lachlan is pulled over by the police which uncovers a series of past drug offense leading to his evident deportation. With this problem in mind, his only hope in staying in the country is to find her ex-wife and giving the government a reason for letting him stay in the country. It might be hard for him to reconnect with his ex-wife but it certainly is the only choice he has if ever he wants to stay and continue with his relationship with Beau.

California Solo is a comedy and drama film which is scheduled for lease this coming November 30, 2012 in cinemas worldwide. It is distributed by Strand Releasing and is directed by Marshall Lewy. California Solo stars Robert Carlyle, A Martinez, Danny Masterson, Alexia Rasmussen, Kathleen Wilhoite, and Michael Des Barres. This film is surely a must see as moviegoers and film enthusiast alike will love a movie with a little bit class and flair in it.

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