Robert Redford Directs And Stars In His New Film The Company You Keep

Robert Redford Directs And Stars In His New Film The Company You Keep

Award winning actor and director Robert Redford has made a big mark in the film industry since he first became an actor. Among his greatest film achievements include Inside Daisy Clover, Spy Game, The Last Castle, and a lot more. As an actor, he has been one of the best leading stars which gave way for him having another career as a film producer. While many people would want Robert Redford to be simply play as an actor, his skills and insights as a producer certainly are spectacular as well. Despite his age, Robert Redford still is one of the paramount actors and directors thriving nowadays.

The Company You Keep is a film about a lawyer whose past actions as a radical activist haunts him after long years of silence. Being a member of the radical movement “Weather Underground”, his life shatters before his eyes when videos of him surface as one of the shooters in a disastrous bank robbery years ago. His life as well as his daughter’s come to a complete stop and most of all in close contact with danger as the authorities close down on him. With no options left, he must find the woman who could prove his innocence while dodging the authorities who are hunting him down. Until he can prove his innocence, he must go on the run until he can find the answer to the predicament he is in.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Classic under the direction of Robert Redford, this film is rated as an action thriller which will surely be one of the best films to watch out for this year. With a star studded cast including Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Nick Nolte, Brit Marling, and Susan Sarandon, The Company You Keep will be an entertaining movie that movie fanatics can certainly enjoy. For the ultimate viewing pleasure, we might need to watch this movie with friends and family to have a wonderful and great time indeed.

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