Shawn Ashmore Fights For Continued Existence In His New Film, The Day

Shawn Ashmore Fights For Continued Existence In His New Film, The Day

Shawn Ashmore might not seem to be that recognized and popular to many people. He is a Canadian born actor who starred in films like X-men for his role as Iceman. Among his other popular films are Frozen and The Ruins. He might still be starting out his professional career to stardom but he is certainly doing great as an actor in Hollywood. In his new film entitled The Day, Shawn Ashmore replenishes his acting skills showing the world more of his talents other than that of his previous X-men reputation. With this, his character as an actor will surely rise leading him to more movies in the years ahead.

The Day, is a war thriller brings together a small group of survivors into the battle for their lives. Once the apocalypse of war ended, the struggles for survival kick starts as hunger and protection hangs in the balance. Gone astray, scared, and tired, they soon must find a safe haven for them to rest and plan for the days ahead. However, danger still lurks around them and they must survive against their predators or cease to exist on earth forever.

Filled with bloody violence, this film might not be suitable for all audiences. The need for parental guidance might be needed but is very much worth the time. It is scheduled for release this coming  August 29, 2012 in association with Anchor Bay Entertainment and WWE Studios. The Day is directed by Doug Aarniokoski with cast members like Shawn Ashmore, Michael Eklund, Cory C. Hardrict, Shannyn Sossamon, Dominic Monaghan, and Ashley Bell. Nothing is more serious than fighting for survival and this movie is certainly packs a lot of entertaining scenes for viewers to watch out for. Let’s join the battle for survival as we watch it in the comfort of our own homes or in cinemas near us this month.

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