Teri Polo Uncovers The Road To Hell In Their Basement, The Hole

Teri Polo Uncovers The Road To Hell In Their Basement, The Hole

Once again, it is the perfect time of the year to watch horror and thrilling movies that can make us jump of our seats due to the frightening scenes. But most of all, it is because of the wonderful story that makes it a very worth it movie. This year, Teri Polo brings a new meaning to the word “horror”. Her new movie, The Hole, is undeniably one of the most sought after movies nowadays with the horror films coming to life again in cinemas worldwide. Among Teri Polo’s greatest films are Meet the Fockers, Beyond Borders, and Little Fockers. Not only is she good in acting but also has a wonderful face that many people love about her.

The Hole, is a thriller movie wherein Susan and her two sons accidentally uncover the gates of hell in the basement of their new home in the countryside. Without knowing what it was and the consequences that might happen if is opened, the three of them soon realize that what they have discovered really was the road to hell. They battle their worst fears as they try to close the hole they accidentally discovered and stop the initial entry of evil into the world.

Coming to theaters this September 28, 2012, The Hole will be a very frightening movie that moviegoers will certainly enjoy. It is distributed by Big Air Studios and directed by Joe Dante who also produced the movies Gremlins and The Howling. Underneath the thrills and spills in this movie, what really makes it a wonderful film to watch is the reality wherein people battle their worst fears every day. Believe it or not, this might just ne the wakeup call we need to bring us closer back into the light of God.

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