The Rebellious Side Of Selma Hayek Revealed In Her Film, Savages

Fans and moviegoers alike have been waiting for new and exciting films to hit theaters worldwide. The time has certainly come with this new films that is definitely great to watch, Savages. The storyline might seem similar to other films that talk about drug lords and the activities they do yet it still offers something new in return, a twist or so even. One great thing about this film though is that it stars Selma Hayek. Described as a yummy mummy in her new film Savages, Selma Hayek in real life sure is one indeed. Best known for her roles as leading ladies in Desperado, Frida, and Wild Wild West. Selma Hayek has brought style and charisma into this film making it stand out among the rest.

It might seem like ages since we first saw the movie Godfather and now a new film like it arises. Savages, compared to the Godfather series talks about the drug wars with a twist of crime and passion. In the Godfather series, a man was the lone leader and feared most of all. However, in the film Savages, Selma Hayek or Elena is the one that controls it all after the death of her husband and children.  Who would have thought that a woman can have control over one of the largest drug cartels? Two friends also share the limelight with Selma Hayek in this film, Savages. These are two unpopular guys who also have a business selling drugs. In time, both of these camps collide and bring out the guns amongst each other making it bad for everyone else.  Life as they know it is surely is not what they had hoped for and expected. 

One of the biggest films ever made, Savages has certainly a lot to show for. Sexy scenes mixed with intense actions makes it a definitely worth film to watch this year. Released this July 6, 2012, it just shows how hot and exciting the summer season will become. Bring out the popcorn and drinks as we watch this new film that we all can enjoy. 

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