Tom Cruise Turns 50 With A Festive Film, Jack Reacher

Turning 50 last July 3, 2012, Tom Cruise has been recognized as one of the best actors in Hollywood as well as one of the hottest actors alive. He is a highly decorated actor that has made his mark in the film industry keeping the public’s eye and the limelight on him for so many years.  With a long line of films showing his love and passion for acting, Tom Cruise is still a tough nut to crack even after turning 50 topping it all with a new upcoming action-packed film Jack Reacher. However, recent news about Tom Cruise divorce to wife Katie Holmes might have made a small impact in his life. Yet, it still has not bothered him with going on to star in this high quality packed action film that is going to make movie fans all over the world definitely proud of. 

From an adaptation of author Lee Child’s bestselling novel “One Shot”, the film Jack Reacher talks about a former Army M.P. taking matters into his own hands turning wrong things into right. While this film might have violent scenes and little regard for human life, it still offers a wonderful story that somehow reflects the life of modern day vigilantes making the world a better place for others. The hero in the book might not resemble the total features of Tom Cruise, but he is surely the right man for the job with his passion for acting as well as his overall desire to pursue the goal at hand. 

Showing in theaters this coming December 21, 2012, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher will certainly be a huge hit for the holiday season. In association with Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise with fellow stars Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, Alexia Fast, and Robert Duvall will make Jack Reacher a sure success. Other upcoming films might be available this 2012 but this will be one of the upcoming favorites that movie fans like me would not dare to miss.  

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